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  1. back2future21
    Back2Future: Leveraging Backfill Dynamics for Improving Real-time Predictions in Future
    Kamarthi, Harshavardhan, Rodrı́guez, Alexander, and Prakash, B Aditya
    Preprint 2021
  2. epifnp21
    When in Doubt: Neural Non-Parametric Uncertainty Quantification for Epidemic Forecasting
    Kamarthi, Harshavardhan, Kong, Lingkai, Rodrı́guez, Alexander, Zhang, Chao, and Prakash, B Aditya
    Thirty-fifth Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) 2021
  3. selective20
    Selective Intervention Planning using Restless Multi-Armed Bandits to Improve Maternal and Child Health Outcomes
    Nishtala, Siddharth, Madaan, Lovish, Mate, Aditya, Kamarthi, Harshavardhan, Grama, Anirudh, Thakkar, Divy, Narayanan, Dhyanesh, Chaudhary, Suresh, Madhiwalla, Neha, Padmanabhan, Ramesh, and others,
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2103.09052 2021


  1. patrol20
    Reinforcement Learning for Unified Allocation and Patrolling in Signaling Games with Uncertainty
    Venugopal, Aravind, Bondi, Elizabeth, Kamarthi, Harshavardhan, Dholakia, Keval, Ravindran, Balaraman, and Tambe, Milind
    20th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS) 2020
  2. missedcall20
    Missed calls, Automated Calls and Health Support: Using AI to improve maternal health outcomes by increasing program engagement
    Nishtala, Siddharth, Kamarthi, Harshavardhan, Thakkar, Divy, Narayanan, Dhyanesh, Grama, Anirudh, Hegde, Aparna, Padmanabhan, Ramesh, Madhiwalla, Neha, Chaudhary, Suresh, Ravindran, Balaraman, and others,
    Harvard CRCS Workshop on AI for Social Good 2020


  1. influence19
    Influence maximization in unknown social networks: Learning Policies for Effective Graph Sampling
    Kamarthi, Harshavardhan, Vijayan, Priyesh, Wilder, Bryan, Ravindran, Balaraman, and Tambe, Milind
    19th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS), Nominated for Best Paper Award<\b> </em> 2019 </div> </div> </div> </li>
  2. integrating19
    Integrating Lexical Knowledge in Word Embeddings using Sprinkling and Retrofitting
    Srinivasan, Aakash, Kamarthi, Harshavardhan, Ganesan, Devi, and Chakraborti, Sutanu
    International Conference on Natural Language Processing (ICNLP) 2019
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